Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bodhi - six months/half a year

The thing that sucks most about my last laptop dying is that as of right now...all my word documents & pictures from the last 8 months are trapped inside. I save everything in word documents. Ive tried multiple times to get it going for just 5 minutes so I can email them all to myself but it just isnt happening. Im bringing it to my parents house tomorrow so my mom's company computer guy can save them for me (which hes done multiple times hes my savior.) So, I am missing some info for this month :(
Weight: (will add asap)
Size 9 month clothes.
Size 3 diapers.

Eats: 6/8 ounces every 2ish hours? Rice cereal. He still doesnt really like spoon feeding.

Sleep: Still only naps in my arms. Sleep for a half hour, up for an hour or 2, sleep for a half hour, repeat. We are going to try to start changing this because it makes it really hard for me to get anything done or do anything with the other kids. I think I need to try and keep him up as long as possible and then put him down for all naps in his crib upstairs. I will miss it though....

...I love that he likes to hold my hand or my shirt when he falls asleep.
I love when he rubs his hand all over my face while hes eating or going to sleep.
He just started grabbing my glasses off my face. And sometimes he smacks or scratches (on accident)
Bodhi smiles constantly.
He laughs at up/down, fake sneezes, and is very ticklish like his brother. His armpits, sides and neck. 
behind the scenes: Harper stop! Harper you are in the picture! Harper! STOP! 

4/1/13 - Can see his two bottom teeth about to come through.
4/3/13 - Bottom right tooth!
4/4/13 - Bottom left tooth!
4/4 to 4/7 - First trip to the Dells for Alikahs birthday.

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