Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alikah's waterpark birthday vacation

waiting in the van for Gramma Gail to arrive


Bodhi did NOT like it. 

Harper got really sick the 1st night. He pooped and threw up in 2 pack and plays. Spencer and I stayed in the room with him for most of the next day. 

bad picture but one of the only ones of us. I need to start remembering/trying to get family pictures when we do things like this but its always so crazy and every ones all over the place haha

about to leave :(

We all had so much fun!! Even when Harper was sick...when he wasnt throwing up or pooping he was still in a pretty good mood. 
It was SUPER packed but thats what we get for going during Spring Break!
Alikah was in heaven at all the waterparks. I didnt swim much because of how my skin has been lately, but it was nice to watch the kids play and to just relax. Even tho it says they do online, we found out the Villas are the only places in the whole damn resort that dont have wifi? So I spent my "relaxing" time uploading pictures and such. 
We went to Marley's the 2nd night and Field's the last night for supper. Field's is kind of fancy & pricey and it was our first time eating there. It was nice though they put us in our own room so we could shut the door and the kids couldnt escape, etc. They brought Alikah a big bowl of ice cream at the end too :)
Cake, presents, play place, arcade, lots of treats, lots of beer, lots of fun :) 

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  1. Beautiful babies! Looks like a lot of work, but a lot of fun! I love the picture of Alikah jumping up and down!! haha too cute!