Tuesday, April 9, 2013

working with it

Ill be writing a post about Alikah's birthday vacation once I have more time!

The treadmill we got off Craigslist works great except for the fact that the display screen doesnt work. (It just says 0 for everything for a few minutes then shuts off.) Which sucks big time because I like keeping track of miles/speed/calories I always did when I went to the gym. I looked online and we did both things they suggested: changed the batteries and check some wires. Neither worked.

So Ive just been figuring it out myself. The speeds are 1-10 mph. Its a turn nob (youll see in the picture) so I figure 5mph is in the middle. When I went to the gym I would walk for 5-10 minutes around 3.4, then run at 6-9 depending on how I was feeling.

Anyway. I time how long I walk - gotta work my way back into running! - and then I use Google to figure out the miles and calories and plug it all into RunKeeper which I have used for years.
These are my last 3. The first one I was just walking while watching SVU haha. 
2nd one proved that yeah, this is gonna have to be a when-Spencer-is-home thing!

The control freak in me really hates that the treadmill wont just do all this shit for me so I know *for sure* but Im just gonna have to get over it....maybe eventually I can buy one of those watches or arm bands who knows! 


  1. I don't know what kind of ipod you have but they have a nike accessory that you put this little chip in your shoe and it tracks it on your ipod. also my little nano has this feature on it standard. just an idea.

    1. Awesome thanks! I only have the original iPod and the screen is black lol. I have Heathers old iPod touch though so I could probably use that!