Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Dammit...sorry if you saw that last post. Im taking notes for Bodhi's 5 month update haha didnt mean to publish it yet obv....soooo heres some pictures instead!

Carhartts from daddy!

He was playing with the waffle maker...he was taking fake bread and putting it in it. So smart.

Helping feed Bodhi his first rice cereal! He liked it! Harper tried it and almost threw up haha

*My best friend that lives across the country is coming to visit in 2 weeks!! Her, her boyfriend and 2 kids will be staying the night here :) I am so freaking excited!!! 

*We will hopefully have a minivan and a car for Spencer in the next week thanks to tax returns :) 

*We are going to surprise Alikah for her birthday and take her to the Dells again. She has talked about a "waterpark birthday" all year. Shes going to be so happy!! Plus Spencer and I love the Dells so were really excited too haha. 

This has been a post to fill space until Bodhi's 5 month update next week.....xo