Sunday, March 3, 2013

screaming baby in my ear

So, my other computer has been full memory for...months. Ive deleted as much as I could stand, tried to burn pictures and videos on to DVDs and CDs just to be told I didnt have enough memory to even do that. Finally we bought a jump-drive. I loaded a couple months onto that with barely ANY progress. I was so frustrated, and my computer was pretty old anyways so one day Spencer surprised me with a brand new one!! (Hes the best)
Hi...WE FUCKING HATE WINDOWS 8. I like to think Im pretty good with computers and I have NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. It took me forever to even log onto the internet.
Word documents are part of my life, obviously, I write and save so so much about my kids. I still havent figured out a way to use one without wanting to punch myself in the face. So I am resorting to using my blog.
So, heres my want-to-do list this week:
-clean kitchen junk drawer
-clean Alikahs and our bedroom
-vacuum all rooms
-clean bathrooms
-paint and hang new frames

We went to Goodwill and Walmart today before we picked up Alikah. Best Goodwill visit ever (and we go a lot.) We got an awesome toddler bed for less than $10!! It was so lucky to because we brought it up, they said it had been bought, Spencer was like uh no it doesnt say sold, so they paged the store 3 times and then sold it to us. Were not sure when Harper will be ready for it, but it was too good of a deal to pass up!
I put him here for naptime and was like "Nigh nigh baby!" and he just pointed at his crib and was like "No! Nigh nigh! Nigh nigh!!" so I moved him right back lol. 

My other computer still works, so I could open it and will eventually to make a more detailed post with "Alikah says" but since Im talking about is what Harper says now..

"Hiiii baby Bodddhiiii!"
"Wheres the baby? THERE HE IS"
"I poop! Change!"
"Nigh nigh"
"Cookin" "Cheese!" "Please!"
"Oh no!/Oh man/Oh mang!"
He just started saying "Love you" but its more like..."Uh ooh"
The usuals: Hi, bye, mine, mama, daddy, food, "cal-kah" (Alikah) but he usually just calls her mama too, baba, yes, no.
thrown up on and peed on in less than 5 minutes = mom life

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