Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I feel like I need to do an update post. Do I? Ill do a small one...
All the kids are asleep right now and I dont feel like cleaning anymore today so Im doing this instead.
Alikah: Shes still 3. Shes sassy, bossy, she talks back, she stomps up the stairs, she slams her door, she lies - which I hate. Nothing major..."Did you pick it up?" "Yep." Little things like that, but I keep trying to tell her she has absolutely no reason to lie. If she didnt pick it up, whatever, just tell me. By far the thing that pisses Spencer & I both off the most is when she smirks when shes getting yelled at. Cant. Stand. It. Of course she is still amazing and hilarious as well, its just sassitude is on full blast. *Also I never added that she did go back to preschool after getting punched. She decided a few days later she did want to do back. She still says Briana is mean though....
Harper: Harper gets funnier every day. Hes getting a lot better at talking, too! Still loves dancing, baths, playing with Alikah, but his favorite thing is "cooking." He will take out every single pot and pan, set them up, and cook for hours. He moves play (or real) food from back and forth between all of them, stirs, eats, etc. Hes definitely started having tantrums, usually when food is involved, and will scream bloody murder and lay on the ground. I think hes about to switch to just one long nap a day, he keeps fighting his morning naps.
Bodhi: Since hes sick theres not much to update on. Right now he really just wants to be held. Before he got sick he was having more "awake" time but hes pretty sleepy now. It was day 2 of 5 for his meds and I am just really looking forward to him being better. Its really hard to see him feeling so crappy again :/
Me: Im feeling better. All the zoloft side-effects have worn off thankfully. Im tired and busy but for the most part I feel good! Im excited for Christmas :)
my mom sent us these last week :) it was a nice surprise

Other: My sister Gina is coming home from the Philippines for Christmas this weekend!! She left right after Harper was born, so it will be her first time really meeting Harper AND Bodhi! Sunday is my cousin's daughters 1st birthday party/Christmas with my dad's side. I think we are doing our Christmas shopping next week.

We always have candles lit and the other day I put out a new one that had a little string tied around it. I even thought, "I should take that off." But I tried and it was kind of stuck in there so I just left it......last night the smoke alarm started going off and what do ya know the whole thing was on fire! So that was exciting...I threw the candle in the sink and got the alarm off quickly but I had to spend quite a bit of time last night and this morning cleaning up splattered wax.

Im reading a really awesome Taoism book and I think I might do a post or two with some of my favorite meditations and mind exercises from it.

Ok, Bodhis up... :]

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  1. I love Taoism books, they make me feel good :)
    And ooh I hear ya about the sassy stage! I'm not sure it ever really goes away, but eventually they will realize that it's not always worth it to sass/argue when they KNOW it's going to get them in trouble. Shi is still bad at "transition times", like whenever we try to get ready to leave the house or get ready for bed... but mostly the sass has gone away.