Saturday, November 3, 2012

then there were three

Alikah: is a proud big sister once again! She asks to hold him and talks about how cute he is. She is still loving school. She always excited to go, sad to leave, and wants to go more days. Im pretty sure shes going through a phase of testing her boundaries and there are lectures about attitudes and being disrespectful nearly everyday. I feel like/know it is partly do to all these changes in her life and shes acting out because shes not sure how to handle it. I try and talk to her about it but she doesnt want to, so maybe she just needs her space for now.

Harper: is so much better with Bodhi than I thought he would be! He still pokes and slaps a little too hard sometimes but Bodhi never seems to mind. If Harper finds one of Bo's hats/gloves/nunus laying around he was go put it in his swing. He tries to push him in it too, but hes not very good at it. When Bodhi whines he gets really worried and runs to him and stands by him staring.
His newest breakdown inducer is waiting for food. He does NOT want to wait. If he knows somethings in the mircowave or oven he will sit or lay on the kitchen floor crying and screaming until it is done. I am not even kidding. I mean hes always REALLY liked food and eating, but man!
Hes also finally sitting through short bed time stories. He used to not make it a page in before grabbing it out of my hands and throwing it but hes starting to enjoy it. AND Ive gotten him to use a sippy cup! But theres no end of his Ba's in sight. He still loves them way way too much.
Bodhi - How weird to update on 3 kids instead of 2! :) I will do a whole NICU post soon as well.
At his last doctor check up he was 7 pounds 5 ounces. Wearing newborn or size 0-3 clothes. We ran out of size Newborn diapers yesterday so now hes wearing 1s. So far Ive been peed on but so far not pooped or spit up on.

I was terrified when I was pregnant. Especially when we found out it was a boy. I was so worried that this baby would be as challenging as Harper was. And for whatever reason in my head I decided if it was a boy he would be for sure? SO HAPPY to report and *knock on wood* ... Bodhi is an amazingly simple baby. He just sleeps, eats and poops. Sometimes we forget hes even here. Spencer, only having Harper to compare with, the other day was like, "Is this normal? Hes okay right?"
Eating: He eats 2 oz every two or so hours. I switched him to 4 ounce bottles yesterday though and hes gotten 3 or 4 down maybe twice? Hes just a little snacker.
Likes: Being wrapped up and warm, snuggling, he liked his first real bath, nunu, sleeping!
Doesnt Like: Getting his diaper changed.
Sleep: Most of the day down here in his swing (not even with the swing going..he just lays in it) so I can always see him. At night I put him to sleep in his crib in our bedroom but when he wakes up to eat I bring him into our bed and he stays there the rest of the night. He eats 3-4 times through the night then goes right back to sleep. He wakes up around 9/10 AM.