Friday, August 3, 2012

walking, school and aloe

Hola. Its my dad's 50th birthday today! Happy Birthday dad. We are going over there tomorrow...

Spencer has been working new hours and we both really like it. He will be switching to 2nd shift soon-ish though & well have to change our schedule a little. But Im looking forward to 2nd shift, I think it'll work for us. 
Harper is walking all over :) 
Its funny because I know when Alikah was learning she would hold both arms out to the sides to balance and take it very very slow. She gradually sped up and went farther distances.
Harper though, he thought about this whole walking thing A LOT in advance. The week or two that he would take 2 steps then drop he was always so concentrated. Its like he was taking his time and figuring it all out in his head before he attempted it. So now that hes decided hes got it? Instantly a little pro. 
He walks so confidently. Over this toy? Sure. While drinking my bottle? Easy. 
I love seeing him out of the corner of my eye just walking around. Im definitely not used to it yet. Hes such a big dude. 

Weve been saying this for months but we are going to look into preschools for Alikah. She wants to go to school. She wants to meet friends. Originally I only wanted her gone one day a week, and Id still prefer that but Heather said that might change after Boden's born and I think shes right. 
I know Alikah will absolutely love it, but I will really miss her. I probably need to get used to that though haha. 
chalk toes
On Monday Harper has his 1 year old check-up and I have a midwife appointment, so Ill probably do my next pregnancy update then :)

Ill leave you with this...Ive mentioned on here before that I have OCD, but just like in real life I very rarely talk about it. Truthfully, it fucking sucks. Im not going to go into details, but the other day I was obsessing over something and the end result is a chemical burn across my neck. Thankfully, it has gotten much better.
Wanna see? Dont worry I wont show you the worst of it. This is last night & from a webcam, so its the worst quality/least gross. It doesnt hurt, but the itch is like torture. Aloe + ibuprofen help but I cant wait for it to be fully healed. 

It also helps when Alikah watches me clean it and then goes, "You should put some aloe on that."

Spencer suggested we take the kids to Dairy Queen for supper (they have a play place) so I might have to go out in public with my neck wrapped. Im so dumb.

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