Tuesday, August 7, 2012

27 weeks

How far along?: 27 weeks
Total weight gain: about 10 pounds
How Big Is Baby?: almost 2 pounds, 14.5 inches
Movement: Hes been calm the last few days. Hes most active around 10 PM
Sleep: Back to taking 150mg of sleep aide this week, only because of my neck. Will switch back once its doing better! At least 2 bathroom trips a night, fun...
Maternity Clothes: Havent worn any yet...same as usual.
Symptoms: I feel awkward and uncomfortable. Tired. 
Food cravings/aversions: Hmm...nothing really. 
Labor Signs: Nope...
Belly Button in or out? Its out.
What I miss: Meds, Im getting uncomfy with my weight gain, sleeping on my stomach..
What I am looking forward to: ?
Other: Had an appointment today! His heart rate was 156. She didnt measure my uterus growth, but the last 2 times I checked I was 24 & 25, so pretty close! Itll be interesting to see if I stop growing at 32 again. 

Had my 1 hour glucose test. I feel pretty good about it? I felt fine, the drink was different than my old clinic. It tasted like stale Sierra Mist. I was able to walk around and do whatever for the hour and then they took my blood. They got my left arm first and it made this loud sucking noise and then when she took it out it bleed all over. The lab lady was like "HOLY!!" and kept apologizing. It was really strange! So she just switched to my right arm haha. 

My neck: She glanced at it then sent me to a different doctor. After some scraping and testing, turns out it is now an infection. I made it much worse (surprise!) Spencers picking up some cream from the pharmacy tomorrow and hopefully itll be better in a week or 2 or I have to call back...
These pictures are from the other week, but I like them...
Update: Failed the glucose test. Ugh. 
On top of this news, I feel really disgusting today and I wish this pregnancy was over. Ive thought, "I never want to be pregnant again" too many times. It really bothers me when I feel like that. In my heart I know Im not serious but its pretty overwhelming lately. Its draining me :(

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