Saturday, August 18, 2012

my bump

Alikah has always used receiving blankets as her security blankets. Her kie-kies. She always had one, carried it everywhere, slept with it, etc. She never had a favorite until this year. 
The one with the small colorful flowers became her favorite - her "bumpiest blankie." {left picture}
She used to tuck a corner of the blanket under her nunu, so she was kind of sucking on the blanket too. 
When she woke up and the part she sucked on dried, it would be "bumpy." (hard)

Anyway, this blanket started falling apart of course and the other week she stepped on it while she was walking and a big string ripped off. She started calling this long string her "bump." {right picture}

Monday I was putting her to bed and she couldnt find her bump. I handed her the string and she said that wasnt it. Eventually she picks something up and says she found it. 
"THAT is your bump?!" 
"Oh my god."

Tuesday we went to Boston Store because I wanted to look for some longer shirts for my pregnant belly. When I was getting her out of the car she handed me her bump. 
"Alikah, you really need to leave this in your bed. You are going to lose it." 
and then I told Spencer, "Remind me to show you this when we get home. You have to see this."
Of course we forgot, but that night after we were in bed Alikah came out of her room and said she couldnt find her bump. Spencer got up to go help her find it. 
I could hear them looking for it - Spencer handing her the long string, Alikah saying that wasnt it, Alikah finding it, and Spencer going, "Oh my god, are you kidding me?!"

Im already laughing in bed when Spencer walks in shaking his head and laughing.
"You know that is ALL YOU right? She gets this ALL from you!
"I know."
"You guys are insane."
This is the bump, and this is how she holds the bump.
It is, literally, a piece of string. She twirls it up tight and holds it in her fingernail.

This is my lamby. My first lamby. Ive had plenty. They started out huge and I would shred them. Once I shredded mine, I would shred my sisters. I carried around fuzz. 
This is when I was 18. This is a staged picture, but its what I did. That is my lamby under my nose. I would suck my thumb and hold my lamby there. 

So, I carried around a piece of fuzz under my nose.
Alikah carries around a piece of string in her fingernail.
Last night she came out of her room again because she couldnt find it.
I told her, "this is the LAST time I am getting up to find this!"

I have put many miles and hours into searching for my lost lamby. 
I have found a white piece of fuzz in white snow more than once.
When I gave birth to Alikah, my lamby was in the pocket of my hospital gown. 
I changed and put the gown in the wash. 
The maids took the laundry out. They took my lamby out.
We called as soon as I realized, and one AMAZING woman sat in the laundry room of the hospital searching for it. Searching through hundreds of peoples laundry for a piece of fuzz.
And she found it. She brought it back to my room and said, " this it?"
We offered her money but she wouldnt take it.

So of course Spencer was laughing when I got back to bed. 
"The last time? Yeah, right..."

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  1. This story just made my day. So cute how alike the two of you are!