Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We left at 9:30 on Tuesday (July 3rd) and got there around 1. Our GPS cord broke so we used directions from Google and ended up taking some crazy back road. It was very beautiful, and Im sure if it had just been Spencer & I and I was not pregnant I would have enjoyed it.
But, driving down an insanely curvy road 5 months pregnant was making me nauseous on top of already having the normal panic attack I have every time I am in a car. And this was the last half an hour, so Harper was getting cranky and starting his high-pitch squeaks. Harper really likes the ABC's, so eventually were all just half-singing/mostly-yelling, "A! B! C! D! E! F! G!" just to keep him quiet. 
It was good to finally get to the cabin.
Alikah takes one look around and goes, "Do we live here now? In this dirty house?"
My dad, Heather, Joey and Luke were already up and out on the boat but they came to pick us up. We dropped all our stuff on the floor and got our suits on.
Alikah loves tubing. Watching her from the boat she has a very serious face the whole time, but she never wants to stop. She had a lot of fun. Whenever we went to the middle of the lake so we could all jump off the boat and swim for awhile, Heather would hold Alikah or she could sit and float on the tube. She does NOT love being "let go." When she is floating on the tube, someone has to be holding the handle. The rope doesnt count. If someone isnt holding the handle she is freakin. 
Harper, surprise, loved the water and the boat rides. His life-vest really ruined his fun though. He wanted nothing to do with it. We went to swim at the sand bar later in the day and he could swim around with us without it and then he was just in heaven. 
He stayed dirty the whole trip. He got into everything. We have a small sand area off our pier which was great because every 5 minutes when Harper got really filthy all Spencer had to go was splash him around in the water and rinse him off. 
Spencer, my dad and Joey were up every night til 12:30 or later drinking and talking. Our last night Spencer was up with the neighbor Diana until like 2:30. I would put my ear plugs in around 10 and pass out. 
My dad always wakes up really early, and everyday he would come in and get Harper without me even noticing. All the sudden Id wake up, take our my plugs and be alive to the world and realize it was already 9:30 and everyone was up! It was really nice, I slept great. I did have to get up 2-3 times a night though and wander all the way down to the outhouse to pee. By the 2nd night I definitely thought about just going in the little potty we had brought up for Alikah.
On the 4th we drove into town for fireworks. 
We parked, got out, and it instantly became clear that it was going to storm.
They lit of one firework before it started raining and everyone started leaving.

At one point on this trip Alikah was getting restless and I took my camera tripod and started using it as a microphone. This started the "talking show" game, and Alikah loves it.
A conversation while we were sitting in the truck trying to wait it out...
Heather: "Are you in school?"
Alikah: "No, Im in a truck."
Heather: "Are you up north?"
Alikah: "No, Im at fireworks."
Spencer attempted skiing for the first time. He was way too drunk.

I put my head under the pump a few times to cool off. It was ice cold. I got a brain freeze from the outside. It felt great.
I have so many more pictures from the trip. [I think I took around 600] I do plan on posting more eventually.

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