Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alikah says

Alikah: My eyes are blue. And black, and white. The white is the biggest. The blue is large. The black is smallest. The black and the blue are circles..
Me: Wow. Yep they are circles!
Alikah: Well, the whites are triangles.

Me: Why is it 86* in our house
Spencer: Because Jesus hates us
Alikah: Thats not true at all!!

around 11pm, were all going to sleep at my parents
Me: Whatd you say?
Alikah: I wasnt talking to you.
Me: I know, but whatd you say?
Alikah: I said Harper, I hope you grow your tooth

Alikah putting bubbles in my hair in the bath
Alikah: Your hair is really complicating things.

Walking around the bra section at Target
"WELCOME to BOOB WORLD! Where alllll the boobs in the world live!"

Me talking to Harper
Me: Are you going to be super smart just like your sister?! Is Alikah teaching you?
Alikah: Im not making him smart.
Me: No?
Alikah: No. He is smart.

"Mom. This song is so beautiful, I cant even handle it."

Me: You put the stickers over your owies thats so cute
Alikah: Yeah. If I had a thousand I could put them on daddy's a thousand NIPPLES

after I put a fake tattoo on her
Alikah: Now I can ride my bicycle like um like uhh...
Me: A biker?
Alikah: Thats what I was thinking of! A biker.

after seeing a hair commercial
Alikah running her hands through her hair: Oh la laaaaa!

Alikah: Im going to sing a song like the taller girls on tv.
Me: ok!
Alikah: It doesnt mean Im taller...*dances* I dont know the other words.

She always tells us what letter words start with now

Alikah: S-T-L-R...Stabler starts with S! Stayy-BUH-ler. Oh oh I forgot a B!

Alikah: "H-h-Harper! L-L-Lindsay! L starts with lollipop too..."

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  1. OMG... I love the Target comment! And when she says..."I can't even handle it!" Haha.. I can't even handle it! She's too much!