Monday, June 18, 2012

fathers day weekend

Friday: Swam at the beach, took a short walk before both kids started getting tired and cranky. Stopped and got some ice cream, Alikah fell asleep right after she finished hers.

Saturday: On Thursday I wrote that their bath was cold. Turns out I was right and it was weird, our water heater was a goner. Someone came and looked at it Friday, fixed a leak and said to call back if it didnt work. That night when I gave the kids a bath the water was boiling hot. I had to add so much cold water to even it out, and then after that we were back to no hot water at all. Sooo he came back and put in a whole new one. 
Spencer's parents and Jared and Holly came over. We were going to go back to the lake but it had rained a little and we werent sure of how the weather would be so we just stayed here. Cooked out cheeseburgers and brats. 
Sunday: We didnt do anything special for Fathers Day. Spencer worked for a few hours in the early morning then we just relaxed at home. We ended up not going to Target, that plan got moved to Thursday.
A few answers from Alikah's Father's Day survey:
I Love My Dad Because: He married my mom. And he plays with me.
I Love Him This Much: A thousand and a hundred!
My Dads Hair is: Silly.
My Dads Job is: At a gas station? (Hahaha. He goes to the gas station like 5x a day, thats why.)
His Favorite Drink is: Beer!  
bottom right is some treasures Alikah brought me. Flowers and a "pig nose"
Today: It stormed this morning and now it is SO HOT. Alikah had her 3 year old check up at 10am. The walk there wasnt so bad because there was a breeze but man, it is so humid out now. None of us are wearing shirts.

Alikah is 3'2, 50th percentile for weight and 60th for height.
Shes doing great :)
Doctor: You have 5 kids right?
Me: Me? Haha no.
Doctor: Hm I thought you did!
Me: Nope, not yet. 
Doctor: You want 5? Maybe thats what I remember.
Me: Well, we want more..

I would have had to have started having babies when I was 14 or 15......
But I do like that that is what people remember about us haha.

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