Thursday, June 14, 2012

a nap-time post

This little guy will be ONE in a week!
Spencer was supposed to work a half day today and we were going to go to the beach but that ended up not happening.
But!! Now hes going to have off all day tomorrow instead! And its supposed to be almost 90* so well probably spend the whole day there instead of just a few hours.

We went outside to play and I was spraying off some toys with the hose, so of course the kids ended up soaked and dirty. I brought them right up to the bath when we came inside but we had no hot water?
Our hot water runs out super fast, but I had showered at least 2 hours before so I thought it would be fine. Guess not.
It wasnt freezing or anything but definitely not a *nice* bath temperature.
I rinsed them off, washed their hair quick then got them out. 5 minutes tops haha.

Alikah is always listening. Always. When we were at my parents on Sunday, my mom at some point brought up that a year or so ago after Alikah peed in her bed she slept on the floor for a few days. (By choice.) She just really hated peeing in her bed.
It must have triggered something in her head because Monday and yesterday she peed in her bed at nap time. Shes napping right now, so im crossing my fingers.

Ugh, ocd. I messed up my face. Im kinda scared to clean anything because I think itll send me on a rampage. I was also feelin pretty shitty on Monday, but yesterday I was able to sort myself out a little bit and have felt better since.

I bought pita chips from the store the other week and now I am in love with them. With cream cheese or hummus. Yum.
Im ordering picture prints this week. We are taking a trip to Target this weekend. I am overly excited for both.

Alright. I should go do dishes. But Im going to get coffee, then come back and watch Deal or No Deal on dvr.
I love/hate this show.

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