Tuesday, May 1, 2012

oh my

Sunday after I finished taking my sweet time in the shower and getting ready to went and dropped Harper off at the in-laws.We spent a few hours at Applebees eating, drinking and talking. It was really relaxing. I needed it.
We did end up going to the movies, too. Spencer found some giftcards in the car that we had gotten and used awhile ago. We thought there was only a few dollars on them, but nope! They paid for the movie & pretzel bites! So that was a nice surprise :)
We saw The Five Year Engagement. It was a good movie, funny, and not what I was expecting really.
A white-haired couple was in the row in front of us and they werent a fan of the jokes haha. One line in the movie is something like, "it sucks my dick!" and the lady turned to her husband and goes, "Oh my!!"
It was adorable. After the movie we picked up Alikah then went back to Spencer's parents. Alikah opened her birthday presents and we came home. It was pouring so I tried to focus on my magazine and not have a heart attack. We survived. This picture has nothing to do with this post but Ive been going through 2 years worth of pictures to finally start the kids DVDs and I found this picture today. I love love love it.


  1. Her hair. I die every time. Does she get it from you?

    1. Yep! Mine was exactly like hers until I bleached it blonde when I was 17. It was a really stupid idea haha. My curls havent been the same since :(