Saturday, April 28, 2012

a first sentence & a date!

Yesterday evening we dropped of Alikah... She went to Nonna's for the weekend for her birthday.. Two weeks ago I wrote about how angry I was about some comments they had made and how me and Spencer had decided what to do about it, etc. This will be her last weekend with them. For awhile, at least. Eh.Anyway, we fell asleep to Catch Me If You Can. Spencer had to get up at 4:30AM for work, (Oh yeah, I never wrote about this. When Spencer was looking for a new job, he randomly applied for one that was different than what he normally does/what he has his degree in. Well, he ended up getting it! Its a great job with awesome future opportunities, I am so happy for him!) but he drove there and found out he didnt have to work anymore. His partner offered to take him out to breakfast but he had already ate so he just came home. He got up with Harper and woke me up around 9:30 with cappuccino and toast :)
We hung out with Harp until he had to leave to work a valet all night. So its just me and Harper for the night! Once hes in bed Im going to relax and take a bath. Harper said, "I did it" last night. It was so adorable. Hes also pretty close to saying "I love you." Love him.

and THEN!! Tomorrow Susans going to watch Harper while Spencer & I go on a date!
Were not sure what we're doing yet. Dinner and a movie? Maybe just dinner. Well see.

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