Thursday, May 17, 2012


What age do boys stop trying to eat dirt/grass/leaves/bugs?
Taking the kids outside to play isnt even enjoyable.
I have to be an inch behind Harper at all times.

I have tried just letting him eat it.
He can eat all the grass he wants.
Things he can choke on, rocks, bugs, bird poop? No.
Today I just watched when he went over by the dirt because I just didnt care.
A whole entire handful.
He was black, his whole mouth was black, it was everywhere.
Its like, dude, really? You try this everyday.
It doesnt taste any better today. I promise.

The most fun part of going to the park is the walk there.
Once we get there Alikah has a blast, but I cant even take Harper out of the stroller or hes going to eat 1000 pebbles.
Chalk used to be one of our favorite outdoor activities.
We cant even take it out anymore.

It's so nice out today. I would have liked to spend the day outside.
But I get frustrated, we all end up back inside, and then I feel bad.

Its supposed to be hot the next few days, and my plan is to just get the pool filled up again.
Then I can trap him in there. And he'll love it! Win-win.

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