Friday, May 18, 2012


The kids and I have had a fun day so far!
They are both napping now and I am sitting outside on the patio writing. Lovely.

During Harper's first nap I was sitting in the play room and I heard Alikah talking to someone but just thought it was her toys or something. Then she came running over. "Mom mom! Someone just delivered us a package!" I wasnt expecting anything so I was like, "Huh? Really?" 
Spencer's great aunt that live in California sent us all little gifts and a wedding card that said, "I trust everything is going well! Just a little something to remind you of your special day :)"
It was so cute! She sent a green hand towel (green was our wedding color) and an Olive Garden gift card. 

We've been married just over 3 months now! Crazy. Not really. 

This weekend is our town rummage sale so once Harper woke up we packed up the stroller and walked around. So many people are participating! It was really cool. I got some clothes for the kids, a bag of like 7 or 8 sippy cups for $2, and Alikah picked out some toys for 25 cents here and there. When our stroller basket was full we started to head back home. Theres a cook-out right up the block from us so we stopped there and got a hamburger for Alikah, too. 

Its 80* today so when we got home I filled up the pool a little.
We still dont have a hose here so I was using this huge toy basket we keep in the sunroom to fill it up. I really hope no one was watching me haha. Harper loved it again and was crawling and splashing everywhere. Alikah was watering the flowers, her slides, and Harper. I think she got Stabler once too before he went and hid. 

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