Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mothers day

On Mother's Day I went to the mall with my mom, Heather and Alikah. We got pedicures first.
Alikah sat on Heather's lap and then got her toes and fingers painted while all our toes were drying. She didnt really like it. She was so serious the whole time, never smiled. Which isnt surprising of course, she is not very girly at all. When we asked her what color to get: "black." (She ended up with purple.)
Ive had maybe 5 pedicures in my life and theyve all been in the last few years, so neither of us are big fans I guess. Ill never understand the girls that go & spend money constantly on that kind of stuff.
This was the best smile Heather could get out of her. After hocolate bribery. 

I asked Alikah before I sat down if she had to go to the bathroom. Nope. Halfway through our pedicures: "I have to go potty!" Ha. So the guy doing Heather's gets up and opens the door for her and she goes in. She comes back out with her pants around her ankles, "I cant get on the toilet!"
He goes running in and helps her on, stands outside the door and helps her off.
"My undies are wrong!" The poor guy is trying to fix her undies and pants and half her shirt ends up in her undies but it was close enough.
Oh man it was pretty entertaining all the ladies were laughing.
(Also dont worry, we know them all pretty well. I didnt let a total stranger help my daughter pee.)

Afterwards we got some pretzels at the food court and then went into the forever 21 accessories store. Alikah had a blast. She was walking around with hats on, bracelets all the way up her arms, sunglasses, etc. When we left she got to pick out one of the bracelets and a hat.
Guess what hat she wanted? "The black one!"
My mom didnt want to get her that one so she chose a huge green one instead. I love her.

Last we went to Gap and I stocked up on tank tops and got a new skirt. Seriously all I wear in summer is beaters and skirts. A few of my Target beaters got ruined in the last year so I was in need of  new ones.

Spencer got me some granola and smores nut blend for a mother's day present. Haha sounds weird but I LOVE granola, and I am obsessed with the smores blend. Obsessed. I do this really weird thing where once I find a food I love, I stop eating it. So it sits on my shelf. In my mind I am "saving it" for a good time. I know, I am stupid. Anyway....I have been out of it since we moved because they dont sell it anywhere around us. I ate one right away. It was a "good time" :)

Yesterday it was so nice out. We were outside for a minute and I decided it was a good day to bring out the kiddie pool and clean it. I got in a quick scrub down and then filled it up a few inches with buckets (we dont have a hose yet.) Alikah wouldnt even put her suit on she was all excited so she was just running around in her underwear. I thought the water would be too cold for Harper but oh my god, he LOVED it! I wish I had a video of the first time I put him it. He just started squealing and splashing and crawling all over. He cried when I took him out to warm him up quick. It was so cute.
the green hat

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