Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 months

Only two months until Harper is ONE. I am not one of those "I cant believe hes already ___" and "They grow up so fast!" people. They do and I know that. Its not shocking to me or anything like that.
To be honest the "newborn" stage is my least favorite. I like a couple weeks of newborn snuggliness but then I want them to be 1. So that being said, I absolutely LOVE this age! I love watching Harper explore. I love how curious he is. I love watching him figure out new things; how to balance, how to walk, how to stand.
The best part of this age and on is watching their personalities come out. Harper doesnt mind being alone. He could sit in a corner, content & alone, playing for hours. But he also loves following Alikah everywhere and wants to see/do what shes doing. He is just so damn CUTE. His expressions are hilarious. I have never met a more dramatic baby. He rules.
Ill just rest my foot up here.
Size 12 months clothes. Size 4 diapers. 6 Teeth. All the same as 9 months!
He had a doctors appointment today!
The nurse measured him at 30 inches, but his Dr. thinks that is off and he is bigger.
He peed all over when they weighed him. I was distracted and have no idea how much he weighs. Ill weigh him at home later and add it on. Hes sleeping.

Likes: The play kitchen and food, piano, foam puzzles to chew on, Yo Gabba Gabba, Alikah, Stabler, crawling, being outside.
Dislikes: He REFUSES to eat any baby food. Diaper changes. Getting dressed. Getting his face wiped. Watermelon.
Favorite Foods: French toast sticks are his absolute favorite. Mashed potatoes. Pizza. Mac N Cheese/Noodles.
Says: Mama, Dada, dude, ba, al-kah or kah, dedede, uhPPP (UH then spits for "up.") He goes, "BA-BA-BA" a lot so we all go "BARBARA ANN" in response.
-Goes to bed between 8-9, wakes up 7:30-8:30. 2 or 3 naps a day.
-He loves to have screaming contests. He screams, we copy, he laughs and screams again, etc.
-He eats more than Alikah. Alikah doesnt eat much but the kid just chows.
-Still very ticklish.
-He can walk along furniture.
-He can open the kitchen cabinets but he got bored of that in a few days.
-He isn't allowed in the downstairs bathroom or Stabler's room and he knows it. Whenever someone opens the door to one he BOLTS for it as fast as he can. He also bolts to the fridge whenever it opens, of course.
-Every time I set him down to get him ready for bath he goes right for the toilet paper to unroll it and eat it.
-After today, he wont be using his bath seat anymore. He gets out of it every 3 seconds. He thinks he can swim. Hes brave like that.
-Tries to drink his 9oz formula bottles sitting up but cant get it high enough. He can with a 4oz of water though.
-Carries things in his mouth. If hes playing with something and wants to move, he just shoves it in his mouth and crawls away with it. No matter how big it is.
Always sits with one foot bent back.
4/2 - His first time being sick.
4/3 - Alikah had him cracking up harder than ever. While he was sick.
4/6 - First time having OJ. He liked it.
4/6 - First Easter/Easter basket.
4/14 - Went to the Melting Pot for Uncle Tonys birthday. Four hour dinner.
4/17 - Crawled up 4 steps!
4/18 - Crawled all the way up the stairs! Alikah was at the top cheering him on the whole time. "You can do it buddy!! Good Job Harper!!"
Sorry if you noticed I didnt make the pictures match in this update. I didnt even have any planned, I just randomly picked some recent cute ones. Depression isnt letting up lately and even the computer is annoying me. Thats why all my latest entries are only month/birthday updates, they are important to me so I make sure I get them done.

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