Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alikah Is THREE!

Well, today my baby is officially 3 years old. I love birthdays. This is the 1st of 3 birthday posts :)
Alikah Lee: is caring, hilarious, bossy, beautiful, a genius with a memory that still blows us away, an amazing big sister and an even more amazing daughter.
3 foot 1 inch, 31 pounds.
Food: Noodles. Tortillas. Strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, banana, any fruit I guess! Fruit snacks. Ice cream. Speghettios. Mashed potatoes. Chips.
Pets: Stabler, Fishy
Sleep: Wakes up around 8:30/9
Naptime, Id say normally 3-5.
Bedtime 9:30/10. Shes in her room awake until 11+
TV: Super Why, Calliou, UmiZoomi
Music: Coldplay, Matisyahu, Pink Floyd, The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice
-Wears pull-ups for nap, bedtime and car rides. She rarely goes during nap or car rides, its just in case.
-Trying to cut nunus down to only naps and bedtime. Doing pretty well.
-Only drinks milk (with Ovaltine or Breakfast Essentials) at nap and bedtime. She used to drink it all day but we stopped in an attempt to get her to eat more. It worked.
-Never had a favorite kiekie but now she does. She calls it her "bumpiest blankie." It gets "bumpy" when she sucks on a corner at night.
bumpiest blankie
-Loves to draw faces, flowers, jellyfish, "rules", letters.
-Refers to everyone, especially little kids, as "my friend."
-When she meets someone new (usually an adult) she says, "Im shy of them."
-Always speaks in full sentences. Prefers to be around older kids.
-Playing with Harper more and more now that hes older.
-Shes protective of Harper and always tells him, "Be careful Buddy!"
-She loves motorcycles, bikers, and wants to be one.
Also Loves: Trucks, dinosaurs, being outside, picking flowers, Barbies, bath time, shoes, reading, riding her bike, hair clips and headbands but not ponytails or having her hair combed. Some Recent Quotes
‎(Alikah sneezes all over my face) Alikah: HAHAHA I sneeze on you!
Alikah: You got blessyous all over your face!

"Those guys are totally cool they play rock n roll man!"

(On her laptop) "Harper can you be quiet please. Im trying to do something. Harper I cant play with you right now I need to do this." Totally mimicking me. It was hilarious.

"No, you can put it in your big rock bag." Our diaper bag is giraffe print. She thinks it is rocks.

Me: Ok bossy.

She also calls Harper "Nosebreather" now because I do. It cracks me up every single time.Alikah, we love you so much. I could watch you all day and smile. You are the most amazing little girl ever. Sometimes I swear I need you more than you need me. You mean everything to me and I love you forever.

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