Sunday, April 15, 2012

melting down

Spencer's parents still had Easter baskets for the kids so yesterday we went to do that and visit. We stayed there for a few hours, stopped for frozen yogurt, then went to my parents. We had planned on just stopping by, maybe doing a quick load of laundry, but once we got there were invited to Melting Pot for my brothers 30th birthday.My mom, aunt, cousin Stef, her fiance Jake and six of Tonys friends were there. They put us in a small room but it was crowded and we had to squeeze in extra chairs. It was fun but if we had known we would be there for 4 hours we definitely wouldn't have gone haha. Also if we ever go again, we wont bring the kids. Its not kid-friendly. Its frustrating to cook each bite individually for a hungry 3 year old that just wants to eat right NOW.
Also my brothers friends son, who is about 1.5, started screaming and never stopped. Which is completely fine most places and I felt bad for them, but the manager even came and closed all the doors to our room. Basically saying as nice as possible, "Do something."
I would have just left, but the parents took turns for the next 3 hours outside in the car with him. He screamed in the parking lot the entire time. Just take the poor kid home :/
Alikah and Harper were great. They were both tired and hungry, but thankfully they were all smiles and no tears! All Alikah wanted was her dang chocolate so she waited 3 hours to eat a few pieces of brownie and some marshmallows. Harper chowed, though. Its definitely the normal now for him to eat way more than Alikah. Little chunkerbutt.

Thoughts go out to all the families affected by the tornadoes yesterday.
We've been keeping track of the storms since Friday and had a slight thunderstorm last night but so far nothing today. Spencer was looking forward to a "good" storm and although I am NOT a fan of storms at ALL, I kind of was too.
But the temp (low/mid 70s) and breeze have been great all day. The kids played outside, we all took a nice walk, and the windows and doors have been opened :)

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