Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9 months

Weighs about 21 pounds.
Size 12 month clothes.
Size 4 diapers.
Six teeth! Four on top, two on bottom.
Food: Loves to try what we are eating if he can. He loved rice! Hes also tried noodles and cereal. Right now peach cobbler is his favorite baby food.
Harper is Dramatic. He has the fake cry mastered. He is NOT a morning person. Hes not fully awake until after his first nap (around 11:30AM or noon.)
He does an adorable scrunch-face. Its been so nice outside and Harper has gotten to explore. He was too young last year, so its really like his "first time" being outside. He loves it!! He is very concentrated and serious. He wants to check out everything. He tries to eat leaves, grass, dirt, bugs. He has crawled up the two steps to our porch!

We ordered a bath seat for him so hes taken a few baths with Alikah. He was too brave. He kept trying to get out and turn around. He wanted to go go go. We definitely want a baby pool for our yard this summer. Both kids would love it.

2/22/12 - (A day after 8 months) Crawling on all fours.
2/18/12 - Mommy and Daddys wedding reception.
3/6/12 - Crawling up the step from the living room to the hallway at my parents. Pulled himself to standing in the Pack N Play.
3/7/12 - Pulled up to standing on our coffee table.
3/9/12 - Ugh! He started choking. I freaked out, Spencer grabbed him and he was gagging but then he started crying so we thought he was okay. Then he started throwing up. I was screaming and Spencer was like "Just let him just let him!" A PENNY FLIES OUT OF HIS MOUTH. A penny!!! I almost fainted. Since he cried, he had to have actually swallowed it and then thrown it back up. It was scary. For all of us. Harper used to chow baby cheetos and puffs but after this happened its like he was scared too :( But hes been doing better.
3/11/12 - Sleeping through the night!!
3/17/12 - He can sit by his self, but he doesnt like too. He would rather be standing or on the move. If we start clapping or acknowledge him sitting, he gets mad and lays down haha.Once he figured out how to pull himself up, he did on EVERYTHING! Unfortunately he doesnt know that half the stuff he tries to stand up on is going to move or fall over. Plus, for a few weeks he could get up, but not down. So he would cry until someone helped him...or he would just let go. He had quite a few head bonks. Thankfully now he has figured out how to go down to his knees then crawl away.
Love you buddy.

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