Thursday, March 22, 2012


-Harper has been sitting all day! Funny how that happens the day after I write that he never does...guess he changed his mind over night :)
-Ive been slacking on pictures. My cameras kind of been annoying me lately. It might be something as little as changing the setting its on but I havent even tried. I need to though.
Friday: Alikah went to Nonna's last weekend. We didnt do much. It was really nice out so we went for a long walk and ended up in a neighborhood behind ours. You cant even see it from the main road. Newer houses, especially farther back. One is for sale and we love it but of course itll be gone by the time we decide to buy a house. BUT we are glad we looked because now we know we will definitely stay in town when we do move. We cooked out and ate on the patio both nights, too.
Sunday: We picked up Alikah and went to Wal-Mart. (Wal-Mart is our meeting point.) Bought some brownies.
Monday: I finally cleaned/worked on our bedroom a little. I am never in our room unless I am sleeping. So stuff has been piling up but I always forget about it until I go in there at 11PM. We made the brownies. They were gone by the next day.Tuesday: HA. Like a week ago I told Spencer, "Make sure you at least have pants on him (for bed) because he can probably get his diapers off now." Spencer put him to bed Monday night. I got up with him Tuesday. Yep, he was naked and his bed was soaked with pee. No one listens to me....
But we had planned on doing laundry anyways so it worked out. Hmmm then after afternoon naps we walked to the library. We got there at closed at 6. Theres a church/school a block away so we ended up stopping at the playground for awhile. Alikah loved that they had a huge sandbox.
Wednesday: We walked to the library. Got books for Alikah, two movies (Clifford and Lilo & Stitch), and I got Life by Keith Richards. Its good so far, I tried to read more today when the kids were playing outside but Harper kept eating leaves and sticks so I had to stop :]Alikah's Birthday!
We are having a cookout at our house. April 22nd, so exactly a month from now. So far my parents, Luke, Heather and Joey. Maybe Spencer's parents.
It is weird to say she'll be 3, but at the same time Im never like "Omg I cant believe shes 3!" Shes just so damn smart I feel like shes already 7 or something.

I think I want to make it a yearly thing to go camping for her birthday from now on. She would love it. Us and the kids and then whoever else wanted to come. Actually we'd all love it.

I need coffee.


  1. Oh My God. Her hair. I just died. I want to touch it! I love her!

    1. Haha yep! That hair definitely gets her noticed wherever we go. Fits her personality perfect too :)