Monday, February 13, 2012

The day before.

Today was weird. Woke up, went to the laundromat, Spencer took the kids and ran some errands, I cleaned and finished designing our wedding programs. Boxed. Took a nice relaxing bath....
I walked to the laundromat while they were gone to put the clothes in the dryer and on the walk back I was like, "I am getting married tomorrow." Just like, eh, no big deal. It was such a totally normal day for us and it helped me realize we definitely made the right decision by getting married in the courthouse. So stress free. So us. Just...laid back. Nothing is going to change in our lives besides my last name.
It feels good.
Itll take 5 minutes for us to get married tomorrow. Then well be back home with our parents, eating dinner and having some drinks.

Of course the craziness for the reception will start on Thursday. Well be going to Waukesha then, I have to print and get ready 150 programs. Need to finish our card box. I still have no idea what we are doing for wedding favors. We need candle holders and string lights. They are setting up our reception room tomorrow actually, so we can go whenever to decorate and what not.
Friday my mom, Heather and I have nail and waxing appointments.
Then Saturday is the day. Hair and makeup at noon. On location at 5 for pictures.
Show-time at 7.
I know on Saturday Ill be peeing my pants, especially before I give my "speech" but right now, Im just looking forward to tomorrow. To being Mrs. Katt :)

(The Dells was a blast by the way - I will update about that...Wednesday maybe?)

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