Saturday, January 28, 2012


I wanted to update my baby too.
-3 ft tall, about 30 pounds
-3T clothes
-5 diapers (only wears them for sleeping and car rides)

11/9/11 - started peeing on the potty. One accident. Since then shes gone every time! Yippee!!
11/17/11 - Pooped on the potty!
End of January - Peeing and pooping on the BIG toilet every time. She is so funny though she still drops her pants wherever she decides she has to pee and walks to the bathroom with her pants down.

Food: Noodles, blueberries, bananas, spaghetti's with meatballs, candy of course, mashed potatoes, chicken, graham crackers, eggs, chocolate milk, cereal. She actually hasnt wanted rice in a while which is super surprising! Right now its always noodles, noodles, noodles...

TV: Dora, Oso. Since we moved and got new cable she started watching "the hub" a lot...Chuck & Friends, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake.

Likes: Her new house, bedroom and especially play room. She calls her bedroom her tree-house? Harper. Playing outside in the snow with daddy, going to walks, talking.

-Started opening doors at our new house. She never did at our apartment. Maybe they are easier for her?

-For the longest time her favorite kiekie was her elephant one. Then for a short time it was a flower one. Now she is obsessed with her "bumpiest blanket." We have no idea why she calls it that. Its the only one she ever wants now though and hates when its getting washed.

-Knows all the letters and sounds. Can write "A,L,I,K,H,J,C,O..."

-She goes and lays on/by Spencer on the couch and goes, "Mama look I loveee my daddy!" because she knows I think its adorable haha.

-Says, "Thats dangerous!" to anything sharp, hot, and now the balcony (thank god.)

-Any little kid we see: "Hey thats my friend!"

-At Harper's doctors appointment everyone was obsessed with her. All the nurses wanted to come and see her. Again, all the normal compliments of how amazing she speaks, her hair, etc etc. Shes such a little star!

Ill add more if I think of it.. :)

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