Tuesday, January 24, 2012

filler post.

Im late on Harper's 7 month post because we have our doctors appointment on Friday and I want to wait til then to get all his stats.

My dress appointment went fine. They cut out the tulle and cut of the train while I was there. I love it more already! I have the train, hopefully Ill think of something neat to make out of it for memories.

We put up a few decorations in Harper's room, started our picture wall, and will probably do Alikah's tonight. Its going to take a looonngg time for me to get everything how I want it, though. One thing I hate about it is that the walls are not white. They are cream, but all the door and window frames and baseboards are white. Why?? But I know well end up painting most of them anyways.

Spencers been taking Alikah out in the snow and she LOVES it! Its adorable.

We're sleeping over at my parent all this weekend because on Friday I have a floral appointment and were going to the courthouse to get our wedding license. Then Sunday is my bridal shower! Seems pointless to drive back here for just one night.

Speaking of Bridal shower...I CANT BELIEVE HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO THE WEDDING. Omg all my confirmation emails are coming in and its actually really stressing me out because everyone wants me to call them and I hate talking on the phone and ahhh. And I have no fucking meds because my old doctors office is freaken stupid and like I said I dont have an appointment here until Friday. So that makes it even worse...

...which reminds me. I hate driving. But since Ive been off my meds it is almost unbearable. I gasp or scream or flinch every 30 seconds. (I dont drive, Spencer does) I hold my breathe without realizing it. I feel like Im going to throw up. Ugh. The last time I drove somewhere was when I drove the car and Spencer drove the U-Haul back, and it was seriously the most awful drive of my life. Im not even exaggerating when I saw I was literally screaming probably half the way there. And saying "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod" and holding my breathe of course. When we finally got to the UHaul place I was shaking soooo badly and told Spencer I was never driving again.
So I guess its good we moved here and I can literally walk everywhere haha.
But it really isnt funny. It sucks being off meds. A lot.

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