Monday, January 2, 2012


So busy! It started snowing 2 nights ago and snowed all though yesterday. Alikah played outside in the snow for awhile. While they napped I vacuumed and cleaned the floors in the play room and got that set up. Im not totally happy with it yet but like I said before I know Ill be re-arranging the house all the time ha. We have most of the boxes out of the dining room now, but 10 full of clothes are stacked up in our bedroom waiting to be put away. We are leaving in 10 minutes to go to Waukesha for the day. Spencer needs to go to his parents, Im gonna do like 3 loads of laundry at my parents, pick up RSVP's for our wedding and then we are going to Target and Kohls. I also want to try and talk to my Doctor and get my meds refilled once more.

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