Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Okay so

Today I got the bathroom all organized, all our clothes put away and a bunch of other randoms un-packed. Still have so much to do and now since I was working on the other rooms, the play room and living room are a mess haha. And Harper ate some MumMums for the first time. He LOVED them! (Like he does all food.) It was so cute and now I know Im definitely going to go ahead and buy him some baby puffs and other snackies. He is such a little chunker.
Mmm, Heaven.

Speaking of Harper I havent done his 6 month update yet! Ah. He gets SO CLOSE to crawling sometimes. He is trying so hard. Its adorable :) Alikah has a cold. Shes acting fine but her eyes keep watering and her nose is runny. We think Harper is getting it now too, but he might just be getting more teeth.

Yesterday's Target trip was a success, Kohl's was a total fail because the returns line was ridiculous! We have to go to a Baptism class at Spencer's church Thursday so we are going to go back then. Tomorrow I am hoping to get either almost the rest OR all of it put away.

I am sore!! My back and legs hurt. Vacuuming and sweeping the ceiling, swiffering, washing, scrubbing, moving boxes, lifting, etc. The base boards in every room have this little 1-2 cm ledge on them and since the house is old and also hasnt been lived in/was just remodeled a bit Im guessing they havent been cleaned in awhile. So, Ive been cleaning them. These tiny stupid little ledges drive me insane. But, I try to squat the whole time to work my legs. I dont always make it down a whole wall, but I have definitely felt it some days.
I was planning on joining a gym up here, we have a tiny one in town or a 24/7 one not too far away but I was thinking about it last night and I think since I usually just run at the gym and do everything else at home, Im just going to start running outside. I have to try it first though and see how bad it messes with my asthma, but that is my plan for now. Im not starting to work out again until after were all un-packed because that is enough work out for me right now. I am tired.

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