Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving Day!

We have been moving boxes for week now and brought all our Christmas presents, but today is Moving Truck day! All our furniture will be going up :) Sooo exciting! I cant wait to start organizing everything and making it our home!

We still need to wait a few days to get a new fridge but until then I think were going to put some stuff in coolers and keep them either in our mudroom (its freezing in there!) or maybe even outside. Who knows.

I got the upstairs clean but I still need to do the whole first floor. So well set up stuff upstairs first while I get the rest cleaned.

We have the truck til Friday and we need to grab some stuff from my parents also. (A rocking chair, some dressers.)
I also need to bring the vacuum back to our apartment once and vacuum it all before we leave.

Lots to do!!

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