Thursday, December 22, 2011

trying to keep track

Thursday 12/22 - Bringing boxes to the house with Heather, cleaning a little bit. Hopefully gym tonight.
Friday 12/23 - Back to house.(Cable set up between 1-3?) Make cookies and get gifts ready.
Christmas Eve - My aunts and Aunty Andy's, sleeping over at my parents house after.
Christmas - Open presents with whole family. Go to Jared&Holly's in Madison. Drop Alikah off at Nona's on the way home.

Get Fridge!! [x] Found one!
Register Mazda so we can get it up to the house.
Change mailing address.
If time - order pictures from Walgreens.
Call Dr.s office (refill at Harper's appt)
Harper's 6 months post.
Shower faucet.

January 5th - Baptism class for the kids.

This will be updated and changed a lot in the next 2-3 weeks haha

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