Friday, December 23, 2011

House progress

Yesterday I wiped out all the kitchen cabinets and started putting stuff away. There are so many shelves. So many. I already know I am going to re-arrange everything. Like 10 times. Plus until I bring a step stool there, I cant even reach past the 2nd shelf on the higher cabinets haha.

My Mazda is still not registered but today Spencer drove it (packed with boxes) and me and the kids followed him in case he got pulled over. He didnt. So Mazda is hanging out in our garage now. Got our cable and internet installed! Ya! I would have internet installed before we are even actually living there.

I cleaned Alikah's bedroom and the bathroom. It took me over 4 hours. Ugh.
The windows and radiators. Ugh. So time consuming. The windows are brand new and will be super easy to clean from now on it was just that first time that took forever. Im still not happy with them...I am going to clean them with Qtips. I dont even want to think about it. Fkn OCD. And Im sitting here tired as fuck goggling "how to clean radiators" lol.

Spencer pulled Harper and Alikah around on a sled like this for awhile. They both loved it :) We have a couple inches of snow up there. It snowed more after this and was still snowing when we left!I shoulda gone out and taken better pictures. Next time...

Anyway we left at 6:30 and came back to the apartment. I made cookies. Wrapped a few more gifts. Im excited for tomorrow and Christmas morning especially!
Next week Monday or Wednesday well get a moving truck. I cant wait to be all moved in! I love love love it.

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