Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our new House!!!

upstairs hallway, all 3 bedrooms and big bathroom up stairs
in love with this bathroom.
living room. french doors open into another room that we will use as an office/playroom.

We are in love! Im going back tomorrow with Heather and the kids to bring the first load of boxes and clean a tiny bit.
Its in a tiny less than 2,000 population town, totally cute and reminds us both of Up North. The people we are renting/buying from are so nice and helpful. She lives in the next town over (5 minutes) and showed us some parks then took us out for dinner.
This is one of those times in life where everything just feels perfect. Right. Exactly how its supposed to be. Happy happy happy.

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  1. This is fantastic darling! I'm so excited for you :)