Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorry for the negative entries lately. I am stressed. Spencer is stressed. If I think about it too much, it gets bad. Im just trying to sortout my head.

Everything changed this year. But it changes every year.
I dont like getting my hopes up for nothing. I dont like look too far ahead because it could be completely different than I think its going to be.

We want the house in Cambellsport. Its an hour away. Almost exactly halfway between West Bend and Fond Du Lac. Its a really small town, population under 2,000. They have showed it to a lot of people but the one thing we have going for us is that we want to move NOW. If we go on Saturday and decide we love it, Im pretty sure we will get it. So I hope we love it.

Harper is getting more teeth, so he is miserable. Nothing makes him happy. It seems like we get a day or two of happy Harper, and then its back to screaming constantly. And nothing can make him stop. As I write this he is screaming like he is dying in his crib.

I have lost 10 pounds. I ran 7 miles yesterday with no problems from my knee, so that was good. Thank you knee.

I havent talked to Spencer's parents in awhile but based on what I hear from Spencer, his dad is being an ass so that is pissing me off now too. Saying stupid shit like "Well thats right in the middle of (some kind of fish) hunting season," (about our wedding) Well you know what, SORRY. If going fishing is more important to you than going to your sons wedding, THEN GO.

I not happy with how everything is going right now. Im not happy with how Im reacting to it.

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