Monday, October 24, 2011


Monday 10/17 - Ran 4.67 miles, burned 455 calories.
Wednesday 10/19 - Ran 6.48 miles, burned 621 calories.
Thursday 10/20 - Ran 5.36 miles, burned 508 calories.

I switched shoes now because my EasyTones were too small and hurting my feet and ankles. Ive only used them one day so far but hopefully it will help. Kitty
We got a kitty on last Thursday. A boy named Stabler. Ive always said no to getting one. I dont know why or how my mind changed. I guess I just dont really care anymore haha. My allergies havent been too bad, and I dont think Alikah is allergic like we did before. Alikah loves him but she is a little too much for him sometimes. Wedding
It was Jared & Holly's wedding weekend so we were pretty busy with that. Alikah was the flower girl and she did great. I cried of course. Im hoping Holly posts pictures online or something and then I can grab a few and do another entry about it. The night ended...pretty crazily. I have no idea where my bag is so my camera and wallet are missing. Our house keys are missing. We took a cab home and the property manager didnt answer his door so Spencer ended up breaking our door in. They came and hammered it back together this morning and put a guard and new handle on it for now until they can order a new door. Honesty I wouldnt mind keeping the door how it is now because we dont want to pay $1,000 for a new door.
Anyway...I had to have left my bag on the trolley or at the reception site. Spencer has called both places 3 times with no answer so now he left messages and I guess we just wait. Spencer's mom said someone put all the lost stuff in a box at the end of the reception so they might have it too but we have no idea who has the box and his mom hasnt answered either. Fun stuff!!!
But besides all that crazy shit the wedding was beautiful, Holly looked amazing, and Im so happy for both of them.

Alikahs being a huge brat lately so we started time-outs. She already had 3 today. She is seriously being such a little jerk ugh. Yelling, acting like shes gonna hit me, telling me that Im "so mean." I can tell her "Just leave him (Stabler) alone right now," and she will yell, throw herself on the floor or couch and punch it. Its just absolutely ridiculous and Im hoping it passes soon because I am sick of it.

Were all stressed out. We need a new car, our lease is up in 2 months, our wedding, all this other crap. Always something. But it will pass.

Harper's 4 month appointment is on Wednesday so ill do his monthly update after that.

Yep. This is boring because I dont really feel like updating but I was behind.
All I really want right now is to know that someone has my friken bag. I will feel much better then.

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