Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 months/30 months

-15.6 pounds (Up 3.1 pounds from last month!)(50%)
-26.5 inches (95th percentile!)
-Size 2 diapers
-Size 3-6 or 6 month clothes.
-At his 4 month appointment his Dr. told me to put powder on his armpits...he sweats a lot. Spencer and I thought it was pretty funny that he needs some "baby deodorant." Hehehe.
-He laughs and its amazing.
-"Plays" with toys
-He holds his own bottle at times. Hes been trying to for awhile but used to just hit it away, but now he can actually keep it steady and hold it.
-Rolled over from back to front! First time 10/16, second time 10/19Harper does NOT like being on his stomach. So whenever he rolls over he cries haha.
-Rolled over front to back on his 4 month birthday, 10/21.
-Still think hes teething. Chews on hands all day. Weve used baby orajel a few times.
-Got his first pet, Stabler, on October 20th.
-Went to Uncle Jared's wedding on October 22nd. (His 2nd wedding.)
Serious baby.
(I promise he has more clothes than those 2 outfits haha. I think hes wearing them in his 3 month post too.)

-I want to say she is 25 pounds but I could be way off, Ill update later.
-3 feet tall
-Size 3T clothes, size 5 diapers (still, unfortunately haha)
-Carries her piano stool all around the house to turn the lights on and off by herself.
-Knows all the letters and most numbers. Knows the letter "sounds" too.
-She likes: Special Agent Oso, coloring, Barbies, Stabler, hummus, yogurt and saltine crackers.
-Remember how Harper was colic and Alikah was a sweetheart? They have changed roles. Harper has been great and Alikah is being a sassy little brat. She doesnt listen, talks back, and dramatically throws herself on the ground if shes told "no." She gets time-outs now.
-She was the flower girl for Jared & Holly's wedding and did great!-Shes still being anti-pictures but Ive found out recently if I tell her to "laugh" not "smile" theres a much better chance of me catching a good picture.
*Oh and we found my bag. Our friend Emma had it, thank God.

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