Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Months

1/4 of a year old :)
-12.5 pounds (Up 1.7 pounds from last month)
-Size 2 diapers.
-Size 0-3 month clothes, but he is too long for a lot of them. His arms stick way out of some long sleeves and most pants look like capris.
-Waking up 2-4 times a night.
-Eats, it seems like, constantly!
-He Likes: Eating, being held, white noise, the swing finally!, being outside, watching TV, when we talk to him, baths, watching me fold laundry, this:was a desperate attempt to make him happy one day and he ended up loving it. He just stares in amazement haha.
-He Doesnt Like: Being hungry, being ignored, gas, nunus usually but he does take one occasionally.
-I wasnt there, but Spencer said he really "laughed" at Grandma Shirleys.
-Alikah loves him so much and has started feeding him if I am busy. She says "Ill help you mama!" and holds his bottle for him. They've also been sitting on her Dora couch together a lot.
-He started shoving his hands in his mouth. He does it more and more. I think (and I guess Spencer's mom said too) that he is starting to teeth already!-September 2nd-4th was his first time going Up North :)
-September 9th first time in the big bathtub with mommy.
-On September 12th we started giving him Baby Bliss Gripe Water after it was recommended to me and it worked amazingly well for him. We had tried a different brand before and he hated it. So relieving. He is a MUCH happier baby now.
-September 19th first time at the zoo with mommy, Alikah and Amber.
We all love you so much Harper. Please stay happy :)

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