Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sleepin' and poopin'

Harper has been kind of difficult. He is very, very clingy towards me. I am basically not allowed to NOT hold him. The last couple days have been the worst. He will not fall asleep unless hes laying on me. The past two nights I've had to go to bed holding him. (Yeah, yeah, dangerous, I know.) Its so uncomfortable. My body hurts. And then he grunts, constantly, all night long and it keeps me awake...all night long. The other day I gave up and left him by Spencer and went and slept on the couch for 2 hours from 3-5. This morning at like 6:30 when Spencer left I decided FUCK IT ILL GET UP and we went and laid on the couch. Thankfully we did fall asleep for an hour then. I woke up at 7:15 and he was sound asleep next to me so I decided to try and move him to his swing...NOPE. He was up and yelling at me by the time I got two steps away.

My mom today said it was because I spoiled him too much and I need to just let him cry more. I dont know. I dont think you can spoil a baby. And Alikah didnt stop sleeping with me until she was 6 months. But then again shes always been an amazing sleeper and she didnt GRUNT in my ear in her sleep lol.
I have no problem with letting babies "cry it out" but I just feel like Harper is still too young for that.
But I dont want him to get too used to this because it really is exhausting for me.

Also, I dont enjoy being peed on
And it amazes me how many times he can fart and poop in one day.
He farts LOUD. Its so weird that that can come from such a little guy.

Hes lucky hes so damn cute.


  1. Two possible suggestions:
    - Have you tried letting him sleep on his stomach? I know SIDS and stuff, but it is literally the only way Aiden and now Wes will sleep. If I put Wes down on his back while he's sleeping, he wakes up almost instantly.

    - Wes also had a period where he would NOT let me put him down. We switched his formula and it ended up solving the problem. I read an article that talked about how "clingy-ness" is usually caused by something, and food is the most common source.

    Also, I agree with you - you can't really spoil a baby.

  2. Don't have much advise, but I DID just read this 2 seconds ago in my Parents magazine and had to come on and post lol...

    "Myth #3: 'If your infant wants to be held all the time, he's going to wind up spoiled.'. Go ahead and pick him up. You can't create and over-indulged, entitled baby by snuggling him too much, and (love this part...) research has found that children who have a secure attachment to their parents have greater self-esteem and stronger coping skills"

    Wish I had something to say on how to make it easier for you, but that last fact alone might make it feel more worth it :p

    Love you! Britt

  3. more worth it during the stressful times when you have things to get done I mean, of course. But you know that :p

  4. I suggested the forumla earlier...weve gone from hospitals, to Target brand, to Simulac, to Gerber and honestly it was because all of them we got mailed to us a free trials. I also hate (for him) our water, Spencer went out tonight and bought two huge things of water because I think our water is "bubbly" and maybe making it worse. Seriously I feel like were trying everything! If something doesnt work I think of 3 more things that could be wrong, its just driving me crazy!

    I havent tried to put him on his stomach...thanks for the idea!

    Thanks Britt I like that :)