Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick diet & weekend update!

First of all: Harper only woke up once last night! It was awesome. And I didnt have to hold him but he did sleep right next to me. Spencer's alarm went off at 4am and after that I kept waking up randomly and just staring at him waiting for him to wake up again but he didnt until like 7:30 and then he was up for the day.

He fell back asleep like an hour later and I got a shower in before Alikah woke up.
Lisa was coming to pick her up at noon so we played in her room for the most of the morning because I wanted to spend some extra time with her.

After she got picked up Harper and I did this for the rest of the day::) (Laid on the couch while I caught up on Intervention)

Diet update since its Friday...I've been eating pretty good but I havent lost any weight. BUT I ran today! Ive been saying I was going to for awhile but today was the first time I actually did. And it felt pretty damn good. The neighborhood next to us a big circle so I went around that. I switched between running and walking but I ran a little over half of it. Im making it a new goal to get to the point where I can run the whole way. I took an inhaler before I left but my asthma was definitely the worst part about it still.

Right now Harper's been awake since like 6:30/7 - so 4 hours - but we are kind of hoping to get him on a schedule like this so he sleeps better at night.

Alikah's coming home tomorrow morning...we were going to look at another reception site tomorrow but my Mom finally gave me her budget for us on Wednesday and were pretty sure were going to go with Muskego Lakes. So now tomorrow is just running errands and relaxing.

Then Sunday were going to State Fair! I think were going to keep it a surprise for Alikah because she LOVES fairs so much. Im pretty excited!


  1. excited to see you guys if you stop tomorrow! p.s. im starting weight watchers as soon as i get back home from parking cars (its too hard to start here since his mom does all of the cooking) i'll have to start posting about it lol i think that might help me stick to it! and i wanna run again tooooo.

    also good news about harper only waking up once it must feel nice to get alittle extra sleep :)