Thursday, August 4, 2011


First things first: This is the only way Im getting this done right now.Im not kidding, the kid will not let you set him down. Maybe for 5 minutes. The second hes down for his first nap every morning I run and shower as fast as I can lol.

Just a warning, this entry is going to be all over the place because Im going to rush through it.
We've viewed 3 wedding reception sites now and have one more next weekend. If I could have whatever I wanted, it would be at the Grain Exchange. It was AMAZING. I think I almost cried. But our 2nd choice now is Muskego Lakes, which we really liked as well. Dress shopping on the 16th :)

My keyboard is really fucked up and its driving me nuts. It jumps all over the place or deletes shit. I think I still have a warranty though...(I hope)

We went to county fair the other weekend but I think Ill make that its own entry.

I was going to write about my meds but think Ill make that its own post too so moving on... was my Dad's 49th birthday yesterday! We went went over there to swim and hang out. I love my dad.

It really is driving me crazy that Harper needs to be held 24/7. It makes it so hard to get anything done and I rush through everything when I finally am able too. But I hate it because of Alikah. Shes being amazing and not showing any signs that she cares but it bothers the shit out of me. I feel like Im not giving her enough attention. I feel like she ends up watching TV for most of the day and then entertaining herself the rest of the time. I hate seeing her play by herself even though I know it is good for her to do, sometimes. Thats why I love days like yesterday when we went to my parents and she got to swim and play and gets tons of attention from all the kids. I guess maybe I miss her? I love her so much and it just sucks that I cant do everything that I want for her. But it bothers me more than it bothers her (I hope) and I know this will all pass.

I also really really wish I had my car to use. We were supposed to get it in May. Its August. Almost a whole Summer of stuff we could have done has passed. I thought wed be at parks, swimming at my parents, at the library. But instead we've been home all day almost everyday. I feel trapped. Plus I have no money, so hat limits everything too. Im going to start babysitting end of Sept/early Oct and it will be nice to make some money of my own.

Anyway we just got back from a walk right before this/nap time. Im thinking Ill do diet updates every Friday since thats when I posted the first one.

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