Tuesday, August 16, 2011

rides, bounceys and dresses

Sunday we went to State Fair. We parked by Maddie and Tommy and went straight to the rides for Alikah.
We had some mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders which Im sure was just great for my diet :) Spencer's parents met up with us after awhile and we walked around with them and went through all the animal buildings. Alikah made a button and watched some vegetable races too. We got on one of the rides and then a couple minutes later the same exact guy told us we couldnt go on it...I was like...dude, you JUST let us on. And hes was like, "I had my back turned." It was stupid. It pissed me off haha.
besides that dumb guy we had a really great time. We left and came home and Alikah napped and Spencer took Harper to his grandma's and I just relaxed.

Monday after Spencer got off work we dropped off Alikah by his Mom, he went to cut his grandmas grass and I took Alikah to Monkey Joe's. (Its like 2 blocks from his Grandma's house) It was awesome to have some alone and fun time with just her. I went on all of them with her once and after that she was brave enough to go alone. We stayed til closing at 7 then picked up Spencer and stopped at my parents on the way home. Got home by 9 to watch Intervention and eat some chinese food. Another good night...
This morning Alikah spilled chocolate milk all of her bed and Harper spit up all over ours so I ended up doing 2 loads of laundry along with a bunch more cleaning. Thankfully Harper was great all day - I got the dishes done in one shot while he just laid on the floor looking around, perfectly content. That has never happened before! During Alikah's naptime I should have cleaned the bathrooms but instead I snuggled Harper and watched SVU.
I had an appointment at Savvy Bride at 6 and my mom and Heather met us there. I tried on like 10 dresses and narrowed it down to 3 pretty easily. But I loved the last 3. Eventually we got it to 2 and now that Ive thought about it more Im pretty positive Ive decided on the one I want for sure. I love it and it fits better with the "style" of our wedding. I am still in love with the one I wanted last year, but this one is the same designer, same style, just a bit different. Oh and of course it had to be the most expensive of the three finalists!

Spencer brought this spinning night-light box type thing home the other week from his parents. It was his when he was little and we finally put it on last night and Harper LOVES it. He just stares. He was screaming earlier and Spencer turned it on and set him on our bed and he stopped right away and just stared and stared. I love it already!

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