Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the past week and TVs

Wednesday August 17th - Theres a little park a mile and a half up the road from us and I took a walk with the kids there to play. No ones ever there and its small enough for Alikah to be able to do everything herself. Usually she wont slide alone but she goes down all 3 slides by herself there. I think its partly because shes not feeling pressured to hurry up or anything by other kids, she can just take her time. She likes to find broken pieces of asphalt and put them down the slides lol.After Spencer got home we all went to the library. We got a LOT of books and two Spongebob DVDs, of course.

Thursday August 18th - I had my "6 week" follow up doctors appointment. Nothing special...I stopped taking my citalopram a couple weeks ago and she wants me to start taking it again but I dont think Im going to. We talked a lot about Harpers gas though and she showed me how to do belly massages and stuff. I asked her about switching to soy and she said to try it but if we dont notice it making any difference to switch right back to regular.After the appointment we went to my parents to swim. Alikah was a grump. We came home to nap and we played outside with all the neighbor kids later.

Friday August 19th - We didnt do much. Went on a couple walks. My mom called though and told us Marnie had a TV and stand she needed to get rid of and that if we brought them a case of beer we could take it. Super weird timing because Spencer had just said the day before that we were finally going to get one on Monday. But we decided well take both - we dont really have room in this apartment and can only get cable in one room but once we move Itll definitely be nice to have more than one!

Saturday August 20th - I got ridiculously tired after taking my meds in the morning. Usually that doesnt happen so I think it was them + my lack of sleep lately. I passed out with Harper until like 1 PM and then we all got ready and went to the little park again. We brought Alikah's soccer ball so her and Spencer kicked that around for awhile and Alikah climbed up the "rock wall" all by herself...and then again and again and again...After the park we went to pick up the TV from Marnie. We borrowed my moms SUV & dolly cart to bring it home. It is a monster of a freakin TV. Our stairs have 3 steps, then they turn and come the rest of the way up. Well the TV wouldnt fit up the first 3 on the dolly so we had to carry that fucker up those. But then once we got it up there, we couldnt fit the dolly on the landing with it to get it the rest of the way up and theres no way in hell I would have been able to carry it the rest of the way up, so here is our TV:Awesome! So after an hour of trying we brought my moms car back and then left pretty quick. We were going to a bonfire/cook out at Anthony's (Spencers friend from work) and the whole TV deal had already made us later than we wanted to be. We had some hot dogs, some beer (well I had Sparks), Alikah had fun playing soccer and tangling up the ladder ball strings, and once it got darker we watched Napoleon Dynamite - Anthony has a projection screen on the side of his garage which was just really cool. Anthony met his girlfriend Val on and Ive gotten to hear all about it since the beginning so I was excited to finally get to meet her too :)

Sunday August 21st - Harper's two months old! (I have an draft saved - his appointment is tomorrow so I want to wait to find out his length/weight before I publish it.) We all slept until 10:00!! Alikah must have been exhausted. I woke up first and I was like holy crap is it seriously 10?? And then Spencer got up and was like "Alikahs not awake?!" Haha. We were lazy. Spencer took the kids to the grocery store while I showered. I even got to shave my legs...exciting. After Alikah's nap we headed over to Aram, Derek and Lee's (Spencer's friends) house for Derek's birthday get together. They have horse-shoes so Alikah played in the "sandbox" a lot and ran around with Spencer, Derek and Derek's girlfriend Danielle. Aram made burgers and Alikah almost ate a whole one! She very very rarely eats meat so its always surprising when she does. Harper was crabby so I was dealing with him most of the time. We left around 8:30.

Today Brandons coming home with Spencer after work so they can finally get the TV inside and then were going to get the new one tomorrow. Honestly I have no idea where were even going to put the monster TV for now. Its going in our bedroom somewhere but no really sure where....and then the tiny TV we have been using is moving to Alikah's room. They wont have cable but we figure at least she'll be able to watch movies and I can hook up my Playstation to the one in our room.

No weight changes. I'm at a stand still. BUT Spencer is getting me a gym membership and then a couple days a week when he gets home he said he'll watch the kids so I can go. Ive been wanting one for awhile so Im really excited!

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