Tuesday, August 23, 2011

two months

-10 lb 8 oz (50th percentile) Gained 4 pounds 4 oz since birth.
-23.5 inches (75th percentile) Grown 4.5 inches since birth.
-Size 1 diapers
-Starting to have real smiles. Especially in the morning right after he wakes up.
-Starting to "talk."
-Has outgrown his newborn pajamas. The onesies still fit, but barely!
-Uses 8 oz bottles already. He ate 11 oz in not even 2 hours the other day!
-Really enjoys baths.
-Loves the vacuum, sitting in the bathroom while I shower and listening to the water.
-Loves Daddy's old spinning night light
-Has been to two fairs.
-Had his first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Katt's on August 6th.
-Still really prefers to be held constantly. Not a fan of his swing or bouncer.
-Likes when Daddy swings him in his car seat.
-We just started trying rice cereal in his bottle.
-Tried soy formula, didnt notice a difference so switched back to normal.
-Still a stinky boy. "Harpoopie" is his newest nickname.
-Today his doctor said she could tell he was incredibly loved and well taken care of. We all love him so much. Forever and ever :)
(at his doctors appointment this morning.)

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