Thursday, July 28, 2011

The First Month.

Harper. Wow. Harper, we love you so much. (Tearing up already.) Sometimes I just stare and you and think about how amazing you are. Daddy does the same. We say to each other, "God, he is so perfect," at LEAST 5 times a day.
You recognize us now, and we have gotten a couple smiles out of you.
You haven't changed too much yet.
-You're awake a little more, especially in the mornings.
-Daddy sings you "Twinkle, Twinkle" when you wont stop crying, I sing "You Are My Sunshine." (He thinks you stop crying faster if I hold you.)
-You still want to be held at all times, which makes things difficult sometimes. You've actually been sitting in your bouncer right next to me while I write this which is seriously surprising. But believe me Id hold you all the time if I could.
-I think you're having a growth spurt because right now you are eating 4oz literally every hour, it is CRAZY.
-You still poop a lot :) You hate being gassy, but you are. We are trying so hard to make you feel better. I thought I could only give you medicine twice a day, but I found out last night I could give it to you up to TWELVE times a day, so Im hoping that will help.

This month has flown by.
Life had changed. People always said I was "in for it now" etc. I dont think its gotten any harder. More frustrating at times, yes. More emotional, definitely.

The hardest part is Alikah. I knew it would happen, since I cant be two places at once. Thankfully I can play toys or play-doh with her while Im holding him, but I cant come take her picture or chase her or tickle her or watch her every time she wants me to if Im feeding Harper or trying to get him to stop crying.
I make sure that we read together, alone, before nap and bedtime everyday.
But she loves her little brother so much. She always tells us when hes crying or when hes "looking at me!"
The other day I had him in his boppy while I was getting ready and she woke up, went right to him, gave him a kiss and said, "Hey buddy."

It wont be like this for long. And it will never be like this again. So Ill enjoy every moment the best I can, even if I think Im going to go crazy sometimes. Well...more crazy :)

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