Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 17th - July 23rd

Sunday the 17th- Alikah went to the lake with Marshall's parents. Maddie (his sister) was going to watch her Monday morning but Lisa called and said that they forgot she had basketball camp and said Amanda offered to take her overnight and asked if Id be okay with that. Sometimes people dont THINK before they speak. What a stupid fucking question. Obviously I said no and she was back home that night, which was great.

Monday the 18th- Spencer just put up some curtains in our bedroom that we had gotten awhile ago. They are black-out ones...
In the morning Spencer tossed his alarm clock and said, "I dont want to wake up! I dont want to grow up...Im a Toys R Us kid!" (He doesnt remember this lol)
When he got home from work we went to Target and Marshalls. I needed to get some keepsake boxes and new photo albums. :)

Wednesday the 20th - We went to Spencer's grandma's and his parents showed up also.

Thursday the 21st - I met Emily and Lily to swim at my parents. Kristan and Kylee joined us too.

Friday had its own post..

Saturday the 23rd - We visited our first two reception locations - Muskego Lakes and Silver Spring Country Club. We have decided we like Muskego Lakes better. Then we stopped at his parents and played outside for awhile.
My friend Amber came over at 5. She visited us in the hospital when Harper was born but before that I hadnt seen her in awhile. We caught up a lot. It was really nice to see her. Shes going to school to be an addiction counselor so she has a interesting internship right now.

I'm starting to diet now. And hopefully work out a bit too. Well see...

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