Friday, July 8, 2011

a cluster fook - part one

DAMN I am behind.
Wednesday July 6th - I took the kids to my parents. Me and Alikah swam for awhile, she did not walk to stop jumping in. Its funny because now that shes been dunked every time I tell her were going swimming the first thing she says, "Please do not dunk me!" Harper does what he always does - slept and looked amazing adorable :)

Thursday July 7th - By the time Spencer came home I had a headache and was really annoyed but didnt know why.

We went to the library. Alikah played with blocks the whole time. She wasnt interested in looking for books so I picked out a couple for her and we left. Oh and Spencer got a History DVD...he likes that kinda stuff.

So then I was putting Alikah in the car and she was just talk talk talk talk talk talk and then I realized why I felt so annoyed...she had literally not stopped talking for longer than maybe 5 seconds the whole day. Its too mean to tell a kid to SHUT THE HELL UP right? Anyway, Spencer had to run into Pick N Save so were waiting in the car and shes throwing a ball at my seat and she kept dropping it, of course. So shes back there going, "MOM! MOM! BALL BALL! MOM MY BALL! BALL BALL!"

Eventually I turned around and yelled "YOURE A BALL!!"
She stared at me like I was insane for a second and then started cracking up. Like, REALLY cracking up. Which made me crack up. And then we spent the rest of our time waiting calling each other refrigerators, turtles, garbage trucks..
Kids are entertained by the weirdest shit.

Then Dominic came over when we got home. I was glad she had someone else to TALK TALK TALK to, but I could still hear it...and now it was two of them. So I kicked them all outside so I could have some quiet. Then after 5 minutes I missed them and had to go out and watch them play :)

Friday July 8th - We tried to play outside but it was ridiculously buggy for some reason. I almost think they like Alikah's sunscreen because they really were swarming her and she wasnt too happy.Harper was in his car seat with a bug net and Alikah was so interested/worried about it. She kept going, "HES STUCK IN THE NET! GET HIM OUT!" When we came back inside and I took it off she said, "He just came out!" Which was cute because thats exactly what she always said right after he was born haha.

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