Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th

Parade! We stayed for an hour..

..then left and went to my parents to swim. It was too hot. I borrowed a suit from Heather and went in too. I was told no swimming in pools or lakes for 6 weeks but HA!

After we went to the fair. Alikah loved it. She was fearless, I was so happy that she went on the rides. This one was fast - she held on tight and had a completely serious face the whole ride, but she didnt want to get off. She stayed in her seat and we gave the guy more tickets :)

She went on the carousel (twice, once with each of us), a turtle ride, a small "roller coaster" and in a bounce house! She wouldnt go near the bounce house at our big June 25th party but of course she crawled right in at the fair.

The ferris wheel was the last thing we did. I hate ferris wheels. All I saw was the "Do Not Rock The Seats" sign in front of us. I panicked every time Alikah wiggled, it looks kinda like I was hugging her here but I was probably just trying to hold her still lol. I was definitely more scared than she was.

The little kid swing ride wasnt running but the fair was set up around the park that I wrote about in May that we loved, so Alikah went on the regular swings for awhile.

Spencer fell asleep around 9 but Harper and I watched the fireworks from our balcony at 10.

Today is cleaning, SVU, cuddling and relaxing.

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