Thursday, July 14, 2011

cluster fook part two

Saturday July 9th - Went to my parents house to swim and then to our neighbors for Mercedes and JJ's birthday party. Swimming, hot tub, water balloons, etc etc!

Sunday July 10th - Spencer took both kids out to his parents and grandma's while I relaxed and slept.
I guess this conversation took place...
Grandma: Wheres Lindsay?!
Spencer: Oh she doesnt feel good
Grandma: Is she pregnant again?

Craziness: I hung out with more people in the next 3 days then I did in like...a year.
Monday July 11th - The kids and I went to Maddie's house and then got Starbuck's at Target. We played outside with the neighbor kids later. Well, Spencer did. I took pictures ;)

Tuesday July 12th - Alikah and I played playdoh outside and I got some pictures that I absolutely love:Then we met Emily at my parents house to swim with the kids. Alikah and Lily loved each other as always. Talked a lot with Emily - shes in a shitty situation but she'll get through it. And I am very thankful for her baby girl's life. It would have been a lot more unfortunate if it had gone the other way. In my opinion.
Wednesday July 13th - I cleaned. We went grocery shopping. And then Emma stopped over to meet the babes! I love Emma. She should be back soon :)

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