Friday, July 22, 2011

Hey Lady

This morning I was laughing at something online and Alikah calls out from her room, "Mama! What are you laughin about out there?! ...Can I wake up?"
It was dark and rainy so she walks out and then says, "I cant see! Its dark in here! Were having a storm!"

It was a great way to start my day.

But I just cant win today lol.

Harper screamed for over an hour straight. He'd suck on his bottle but never actually drink it. He wouldnt take his nunu. If I set him down he just cried even louder. I gave him mylicon and gripe water.

Finally I was like maybe somethings wrong with this fucking bottle, so I tried to drink it (lol) and sure enough, there was like a tiny fuzz blocking the damn hole!

So he had been trying to eat but couldnt :(
I felt so bad.
I felt like I was starving him.

And of course I was so frustrated and Alikah was just trying to help but really just making it worse so I yelled at her and then I felt terrible about that too.

And then I made Alikah her rice and got in the shower.
When I got out it was EVERYWHERE. She said it just fell but it looked more like she threw it. So then I had to clean that up.

And THEN I put some carpet cleaner down and went to the dishes while it settled in.
Well, Alikah was playing stamps.
She took the stamp pad and made giant red circles right in the middle of both of the places I put the cleaner down.
SO THAT WAS FUN. And it ruined the stamp pads too.

SO now I am rushing to write this because Amanda is going to stop over in a half hour and I completely did not remember that until Spencer just called and told me she texted him.

Such is life.
I have like 3 draft entries I need to finish too.
Maybe tomorrow...

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