Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a long weekend

Sunday was Rhonda's (my parents neighbor/friend) birthday. So we went over there to eat, play, etc.Alikah was putting the "monies" in the dog's ball thrower. Taking a warm bath with all the boys after they jumped in the cold pool.

Spencer had off work Monday and we babysat baby Landon from noon-nine. We took him and Alikah to my parents house because it was HOT. Luke had friends over, Heather had friends over and the neighbors were over drinking too so it was a little Memorial Day party!
Alikah had a blast running around in her swimsuit, playing in the pool and with the "friends" and eating lots of icees.
I LOVED having a little baby to cuddle all day. He reminded me so much of Alikah when she was a baby - very calm and content. But it is hard to remember Alikah being that tiny! I feel like my mind is no where else when Im holding a baby. All my focus is on them. It is so relaxing to me, I think thats why I love them so much. It was "big sister practice" for Alikah, and she was amazing. In the car after we picked him up she just stared at him. She kept saying he was "sooo cute" and "soooo sweet." All she wanted to do was give him kisses and pick him up, but I dont think she understood that she couldnt just grab him and carry him like one of her dolls haha. She worried when he cried and even got his bottle and fed him once. She never acted jealous or mad. My baby, the big sister.

Happy June 1st!
Harper will be here this month.

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